March 22, 2008

hello kitty

arghh.. i want those two camera so bad.. but i don't know where to get that camera..hwaa...
i wantttttt...iwant.... XD  

i want it so bad because the hello kitty camera is the digital camera with 5 mega pixel... actually i have one like that with mickey mouse character but it is manual camera not the digital one..arghhhh.. buy for meeee please....hahahaha... XD

This is my mickey manual camera.. ^^

March 21, 2008

garment construction

the sewing machines

friday is usually a pretty exhausted day for me.. because i have to attend a garment construction class.. huhh... but today i don't spend the half day being at class and doing things rushy.. hahaha... today i actually can't do anything there since i haven't have my own dummy for the draping things... so i decided to go home and take a rest.. i was sleeping for almost two hours by then.. and woke up at around 4.30.. hahaha.. not doing any assignments today... my head was too overload this few weeks.. and i feel like it'll explode soon.. hahaha.. 

and now i have my head ache and my eyes are like spinning around ..all things seem blurred.. XD
i think i will sleep as soon as i fall asleep..ahahha.. but obviously..i'm not going to sleep at 6 in the morning..AGAIN.. hahaha.. 
friday class

the crowd of the class .. not much space left.. 

my half done draping.. :(

ur so gay

song by Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Katy Perry has been wowing fans and critics alike with her big voice, sassy attitude, and feisty, confessional songs like “Ur So Gay,”. 
i just love the video which is so creative and her beautiful voice.. great and perfect combination is it?? hehehe.. XD

March 16, 2008

he broke my heart

Never say I LOVE YOU if u really DON'T CARE....
Never HOLD my HAND if u are gonna BREAK MY  HEART...
Never say U are GOING TO if u don't PLAN to  START...
Never LOOK into MY EYES if all u do is LIE...
Never say HI if u really mean GOODBYE...
Never say FOREVER coz FOREVER makes ME CRY....

I HATE U.... but i'm letting go..

March 15, 2008

early midnite

today i have a long long trip with several friends.. we go to a place called "LOW YATT" to buy printer and scanner.. then i drop off some store to buy cooling pad for my laptop.. hahaha.. i guess it's not that effective.. coz my laptop is still hot.. but better than last time before i use cooling pad anyway.. XD

arghh.. it's 3 in the morning.. i should've been sleeping by now.. oh my!!! why am i keep browsing on other stuffs.. meanwhile.. all my assignments are queueing for the line to be done by me.. ahahhaa...
i'm such a creepy procrastinator... hahahha... too lazy.. Goshh.. how will i graduate with a great mark.. hah??? hahahah...

i better go to sleep now.. phewww... too tired of everything and get my eyes look like panda..huhh... good nite then..

this is my simply bed..where i sleep every night.. XD

March 12, 2008

Jennifer Chung

i was browsing through youtube yesterday.. and i found a girl named Jennifer Chung..
Oh my.. she just so adorable with her amazing and beautiful voice.. she supposed to be a famous singer.. hhehehhe..

she has a lot of videos of her singing lot of songs either...
here is one of her video.. she sing "lessons learned" by Alicia Keys.. lovely song and voice.. it's just perfect.. XD
so i hope u enjoy this as well.. :D

you can check out her profile on youtube..


If love was a bird then we wouldn't have our wings

If love was the sky we'd be blue

If love was a choir, U and I could never sing

'cause love isn't for me and U

If love was an Oscar, U and I could never win

'cause we could never act out our parts

If love is the bible, then we are lost in sin

Because it's not in our hearts

So why don't you go your way,

and I'll go mine

Live ur life

And I'll live mine

Baby, u'll do well

And I'll be fine

'cause we're better off separated...

If love was a fire then we have lost the spark

Love never felt so cold

If love was a light then we're lost in the dark

Left with no one to hold

If love was a sport, we're not on the same team

U and I are destined to lose

If love was an ocean, baby, we are just a stream

'cause love isn't for me and U

Girl, I know we had some good times

It's sad but now we gotta say goodbye

Girl U know I love U

I can't deny

Can't say we didn't try to make it work for U and I

I know it hurts so much

But it's best for us

Somewhere along this windy road, we lost the trust

So I walk away, so U don't have to see me cry

It's killing me so, why don't U go

I'm sorry we didn't make it. 

*this might be a good song for those who have a broken heart... ahahha.. XD

and i'm one of them.. :(

March 11, 2008

blue tuesday

in the early morning i woke up and kind of lazy to go to campus.. huhh.. fashion design is killing me softly... while the lecture told us to submit all the subject matter and see if he will approve it or reject it.. phewww.. and mine.. hah?? u know what/?? i gave him for almost 7 subject and he rejected everything.. sucks!!! i just cry at the time he rejected my last matter.. Oh my goodness.!!! what the heck he think this is?? arghh.... and finallny i came up with either "art deco" or " art nouveau" as my subject matter.. and he told me to bring every researches, mood board and with sketches if i can make it for the next week.. huhh.. i hope next week, he'll approve everything and i can start to move along with that final project.. :(

hmmm..and today i spent almost half day at campus.. kind of the time i want to go home at around 4 o'clock.. suddenly it was raining.. and guess what?? i have to wait for almost half an hour to go home.. what a day...
it was great. i still have my friends surround me.. coz they're the one who makes me happy and cheers me up all the time i feel so depress or sad... i just love them...and i won't lose them for any reason.. :)

well... since we all bored and had nothing to do.. we decided to open the photo booth and took picture as usual..ahahahha.. crazy bout camera.. crazy of posing.. hihihih.. 


March 10, 2008

happy friday nite

oh yeahh.. i forget to post about my last friday activities.. it was all about fun and happiest moment in the beginning of March.. hehehe.. XD.
It was on 7 march 2008, my friends birthday, Lisa.. ^^
a little surprise party for lisa.. ^^
Lisa, the birthday girl.. ^^
 She treat us of having dinner at a place called "Asia Cafe" near Sunway pyramid. There were pretty much good food served.. i ate food called Philipine Lemongrass chicken.. it was nice.. and tasted like "fried chicken in indonesia" XD love it.. hihihi... and we took some pictures there..ahahhaha.. *narcissism  rocks! * hahaha.. XD

From Asia cafe, we continue our long day to Sunway pyramid..and having a midnite movie.. we watched "Step up 2"... while we were waiting for the movie, we play games at the games station beside the movie.. i was playing time crisis and the drum things.. ahhaha.. long time no play.. feel like i was reborn..hahaha.. i feel so happy at that time.. ^^ missing my childhood so much.. XD 

The movie starts at 11.45 pm.. well.. it's worth for waiting for couple hours..hahaha... it's great movie.. the dance are totally fantastic and the actors, Channing Tatum and Robert Hoffman.. arghhh.. i love both of that cute guys.. hihihi.. XD

yeah.. finally.. after the movie finished, we went home and arrived around 3 o'clock.. pretty much exhausted. But overall, last friday was the happiest moment hanging out with my friends.. having so much fun... 

thanks to lisa who treat us foods.. ^^ 
love all my friends.. x.o.x.o

March 3, 2008

Chanel Fall 2008 RTW

A Chanel carousel fitted out with giant quilted bags, camellias, pearls, boaters, and bows faced the audience as it poured into the Grand Palais for the Fall Ready-to-wear show. It was a fitting metaphor for the timeless turning of the house classics, and for the unstoppable machine fashion has become these days. It was cool, how the setting of the carousel was made.. with big bags,shoes,accessories as the seat of the carousel. So Chanel, on how they decorate everything with a bright fluorescent lightning on the stage.
It was worth a second and third look because this was a collection that, in spite of its something-Chanel-for-everyone variety, also provided gimmick-free commentary on current trends. Lagerfeld didn’t miss a trick, from fragile, frothy, high-necked blouses to spidery knits, peplum jackets, and an intelligent exploration of how longer lengths might be worked into a winter wardrobe. It could be as a tweed maxi column skirt with a delicate blouse (the literal version), but also as a long, cutaway ostrich-trimmed coat over a short skirt (newer and cooler). His Fall 2008 ready to wear collection was great and it reflect towards on Coco chanel characteristics.

here are several design of Karl Lagerfeld and the decoration of the stage.. i hope you do like the carousel as i do.. :)


i've just found out this cute stuffs from one of random blogs on google.. it called "NOOKA" which may means seeking out something new..The NOOKA collection currently has eight models, but multiplied by the colours and materials there are a total of almost 80different watches available. I don't know whether this watches are sold in my country are not.. but i obviously put this NOOKA watch  on my top 10 wish list.. arghh.. i want it..  ><

From the “Zoo” series: find out where it could reflect the designer’s love of animals

the glamorous golden version, “GOLD ZOO-V.”

One quite geeky but nevertheless appealing design: A red model from NOOKA's "ZUB20 ZOT" series. These uber-stylish minimal watches almost completely do away with the traditional use of numbers - and it seems to work without having to do too much maths 
   Orange” from NOOKA’s “ZUB20 ZOT” series: The twelve dots represent hours, the sliding bar represents minutes and the numbers below are seconds.

Here’s “Blue” from the same series, also available in white and green.

 bright “Purple” in a handsome shape, from the “ZUB38 ZEN-V” rubber series.