September 26, 2008


today is full of enjoyment. :)
having fun.. day till night..  cyberia-klcc-ampang-klcc-bukit bintang-cyberia.
thanks for the birthday girl.. who treat us korean foods at ampang... hihihi.. XD
nice food.. yet so hard to get there..hahaha..

September 25, 2008

happehhhh birdaehhhhh

today is 26th september 08
and it is a very very special day for a good friend of mine... :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Esther Christina Rahardjo... a.k.a " madok" mata kodok.. hihihih.. XD 

Not just a year older..but a year better... :)
Wishing you a Happy happy happy Birthday and many more to come...
Wishing you all the fun and excitement that only birthdays can bring..
 i hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true....

+okehh.. + mantabsss.., panjang umur, sehat selalu...
sukses dalam cita dan cintamu temans... :) :)

all the best for ya... :) :)
a big hugssss and kissesss from me.... mwahhhhhh... :) :)

September 23, 2008


random nostalgy... hahahaha...
he totally makes me in love..... his talent and his handsome face.. hahahha...arghhh... i want to go to his concert on 1st nov'08 in Singapore!!!... :(
but unfotunately the ticket price is so high.. and i cant afford it for now or the next next month..ahahahha.. too bad. :(

get off !!


mood: anger..arghhh.. !!

September 22, 2008

out of sudden

there was a day when i have a chat with a good friend of mine.. we were talking about lot of things,then i came up sharing what i feel that day.. it's actually about how to make it work smooth and meaningful in friendship bond.

 and suddenly he told me that whenever you have any single things that distract you between you and your good friends ,you have to tell them how you feel,what you like or dislike about them.. share it with them.and if they are your good friends, later on they should compromise and vice versa... If you do this, then you'll break the boundary of just being so called " good friends".. this is the part that i love most from his advice which show his maturity.. :) " Good friends should accept you no matter what, helping each other and so on.. and if they can't accept after you share everything, well.. that's too bad.. they don't deserve you then. there are lot of friends outside.. find people who treasure you.. :) :) 

ohhh.. boy.. i never know you can give me such a lovely and precious advice.. hahahhaa..:)
i'll see u soon on either december or january.. can't wait to see u coz i miss you dozens..or even tons..ahhahahah.. :)

and yes... i'm so happy here to have good friends.. :)
3 years.. it's not that long time to have a very special relationship.. but through that 3 years time i can share a lot of things with them,share the laughs and tears together., we can pull through the goods and bads together.. :)
i can't believe that i only have 2 or another 3 months left here.. time does fly away so fast.. and i can't freeze the time to fly slower.. :( after my graduation.. i'll be leaving them.. no more midnight laughs, no more midnight foods, no more tears that i can share with them, no more shopping, no more mamak, no more gossiping...and so on.. ohh my.. i really can't believe that this day is going to come.. and i have to face it.. sooner or later.. :(

but i'll say every single moments that i build with them are precious thing in my life.. knowing them are such a gift.. the most precious gift than any other gifts i've ever get..and i promise to myself..i'll treasure them in my heart..always...

love you all to the max!!!  :) 

September 21, 2008


I need help!!!
i'm really not in the mood of doing any of my assignments!!
oh my... oh no.. it's left 2 month before final presentation and graduation..

i can't take off the "PROCRASTINATOR" label from my forehead.. XD
still the same procrastinator..
sometimes i'm sick of it..
but it keep stick with me.. :(

September 17, 2008

happy for u

my cousin's pre wed photo..taken by ko eric.. and i did the editing.. :) their wedding ceremony will be held on 25 october... hwaaa..
i'm happy for them..i can't wait for the day.. :) and i do wish them live happily ever after.. :)

and i'll be missing our sweet times together sis.. :)


Vogue Italia September 2008

i love the stunning make up and hair styles.. :)

September 16, 2008

miss u

in a cold cold night,with a random feeling.. i miss my dogs back at hometown..


September 15, 2008

lack of sleep

guess what...! i havent had enough sleep these whole week.. :(

now i turn into....




 i'm turning into panda.. esp. my eyes.. :( :(
i need to have an eye mask..ahhaha.. or eye gel to decrease the eye bag.. phewww.. :(

September 14, 2008

vogue uk

Vogue UK October 2008
model: Karen Elson
Photographed by: Nick Knight

September 13, 2008

awkward moment

i'm too exhausted and sick for the attitude of that person!! i might be patient for another 2 or 3 months.hell.. people do have limit for their patient, ok?!!.and i hope it'll end SOON.. well.. soon it will.. and i do hope someday.. that person will change to be a better person.. and grow up.. hello!! you're no more a child.. head of 2??? how old you think you are now?? still 17.. on your teenage years..? keep dreaming.. maybe in this case i'm a bit rude.. but no offence.. that's the fact!!! PLEASE!! don't be very sensitive, please do decrease your jealousy of unnecessary things! damn!!  it's such a stupid thing! HEY.. we're friends ok.. SO JUST STOP YOUR STUPID AND DUMB ACT!! I guess you know that your attitude is not even getting better.. but worst.. oh my...
every time i told you what mistake you did.. you were like let it gone by the wind.. .. without learning from your mistake.. 

arghh.. i don't care.. i just try to pretend that everything is all right.. and i was keep wondering when will you realize all of this... ohh my.. grow up.. be more mature girl.. !!

*calm down* i'm starting to take a deep breath... phewwww.. i'm too tired.. 

September 10, 2008

nano chromaticw

there's another launching of new ipod nano from apple... and they are produced in a bit different shape with an additional program.. shake to shuffle ..and it also have the movement sensor,where the screen will follow the directions. And what i like is it have a lot of bright and colorful colors...

please buy me one.. ahhahaha.. XD since my ipod was broken..i was thinking to change it with the new nano chromatic..ahh... but no money for now..huhhhh.. :( 

September 8, 2008


Wish me Luck..

September 7, 2008

Kate Moss

Kate Moss for Interview Magazine September 08
by: Mert & Marcus

two thumbs up for China..

Made in China 
Photographed by Chen Zhun

The Olympics-themed editorial was striking and dynamic, the shoot was edgy which somehow it amazed me...and not forget to mention..the models are all Gorgeous!!

is it ? may believe it.. or ignore it.. ^^

September 5, 2008


The Lilypad, is a concept for a completely self-sufficient floating city intended to provide shelter for future climate change refugees..or called as "climactic refugee"

The lilypad itself came from an idea of Vincent Callebaut, a Belgian architect. He mention that each of the pad is able to carried in approximately  50.000 people..

His main purpose of creating the Lilypad is to harmonize the relationship between human and nature..  

September 4, 2008


one simple word that came out through my mouth.. a big WOWWW when i see the Ink Blot Collection of Sandra Backlund, a Swedish fashion designer who brought a character of futuristic design... with a simple cut and extremely WOwww detailing.. :) i like it..   


what women love..
what women are passionate about...