March 24, 2009


it's quizzes day!! lol
here are 3 random quiz that i took from facebook..
1. What is your dream job? 
hahaha... i never even dream to be an actress for real.. XD
but for fun. yeah.. i always said to some friends that i'm the korean actress.. LOL

2. What animal are you?

i always love dogs.. and i've ever wondering what if i'm becoming a dog.. hihihi.. XD

3.What little Miss or Mr are you?
yeayy... i'm Little Miss Sunshine.. hahaha.. * shy*  XD

March 10, 2009

lovey doveyy :P

a midnite conversation with my lovely ex-housemates.. hahahaha...
still crazy as they were... lol...
smangat yahh kerjain tugas2ny... ntar mid break ke thai ajah..phi2 island 1 ari, the rest.. tmennin gw blanja... lol..
miss u all.. XD

March 7, 2009

there's nothing else i can say..

i'm gonna miss u all B's in B1-3-2....
hugs and kisses from me... :)

here i give you all my farewell present... sedikit kurang nyambung si.. XD

March 6, 2009


6 March 2009 - Farewell dinner at Garden in 1u... 

a great night that i spent with the best people in my life.. :)
an everlasting moment.. every single seconds were captured and securely saved in my brain memory and of course in my heart.. :D 

i wonder why the time run too fast.. it has been 2 weeks or more i've been staying in cyber.. 
and 1 more day i'm goin back..  ohh..goshh.. too fast..  :( 

i hate to say goodbye to them.. since i know i can still meet them when holiday begins.. hehehe.. :)

well... all i want to say is THANK YOU.. for all my lovely housemates...for letting me to stay in for such a long period of time.. ahhahaa.. :) maap ya klo uda ngerepotin kalian.. 

nyo.. eche.. and erika... hahaha..  they are too good to be true.. i just love them.. 
and for sure..i'm gonna miss them badly.. :( spending a whole midnite by doing weird and crazy stuffs.. photosession... singasong.. hahaha..which means karokean ga jelas.. XD.. hyper danza danza... mother k habbit.. carefour daily shopping... holiday plans.. hahahaa.. a lot of things happened, good things or even bad things... everything happened.. and i know.. i just can't stop missing all of them.. huhuh... 

sorry if i have ever did something wrong towards all of you.. believe me.. i was never meant to..

*my other lovely friends... melia, though sometimes she's annoying.. but i'm gonna miss her.. we share a lot for the past 2 years i guess.. and i've learnt a lot about her.. ahhaha.. crazy girl..well.. i wish you can play oftenly in Jakarta.. so we might meet there and hang out sometime.. hahaha..  best of luck for your further study..   :)

lisa.. the gadgety girl.. ehehhe.. she's just celebrating her 22nd birthday today..:) 

well... though i'm not close enough with you.. but i also will miss you lots.... hehehe.. i'm gonna miss your slow motion movement.. hihhi.. your sleepy face... your unclear voice..and everything that reminds me of you.. :) 

adit... the slow motion guy version.. XD i'm gonna miss you too.. ketidakpentingan lu!! keanehan lu.. ahhaha... your laughing voice..ahahhaa.. dasar you crazyyy boy who love to eat ayam merah..whahwahhwa..  

remember to keep in touch with me.. ahhahaha..

keep in touch.. and keep crazyyyy.. ahhahaha...
smangat buat tugas2 ke depan yang makin numpuk yah. ehhehe... aku tidak bisa disitu untuk bergila2 bersama kalian lagi. huhhuh..  mwahhhhhh..mwahhhhh...

March 4, 2009


3 days left.. i'm goin home.. this time is for good.. :(


Visit my new online store .. Wanderlust..  :)

March 3, 2009

heart beat..

Lee hom's new album is out.. hahahaha... i'm totally in love with him and his songs.. hahahaha... *lebay mode on*  and i already bought the album.. yayyy.. :)

my favourite song from this album..