June 20, 2008

beauty lashes

Shu Uemura is collaborating with Viktor & Rolf ,and they have created three amazing sets of false lashes for the make-up .It were all such beautiful and stunning  yet exaggerating eye lashes for their fabulous Autumn/Winter 08-09 show. It is really eye catchy when i first see them on shu uemura store in Pavillion,KL.. all i can say is only 3 simple words toward the Shu uemura eye lashes.. I lOVE THEM. :D

June 15, 2008

sunny day

here are some pictures i took while accompanying my friends for their photo shoot. It was an extremely hot day.. and i got tanned.. huhhh.. it's pretty hard and it needs a long long time to turn my skin back into whiter skin.. :( fufufuf..

so i hope.. at least the pictures i got..worths for all the tanned..hhahahaha.. XD

June 12, 2008

pajama party

for the last few days.. i've been browsing on this journal.. there are a lot of very interesting fashion photos... and i heaRt to see each of the photo.. :) 

and i found this.. Sasha Pivovarova as the model.. love her and the tiny cute white tiger i think.. :)
so hope you enjoy.. :)

June 7, 2008

one day in ToKyo

Model : Devon Aoki for Vogue Nippon

She definitely looks gorgeous here.. :)