May 21, 2009

fashion muse

Harper's Bazaar UK, May 2009
Cover: Alexa Chung by Guy Aroch

Editorial: Alexa Chung
Celeb Alexa Chung
Ph. Guy Aroch

LOVE her .. =)

candles handy

Keep Candles Handy: Alana Zimmer in i-D May 2009
Editorial: Keep Candles Handy
Magazine: I-D Magazine
Issue: May 2009
Model: Alana Zimmer
Photographer: Vanina Sorrenti

when i saw this picture.  thought the model was irina or feist. hahaha..
love the collage of the photos.. 


i finished watching Gossip girl finale episode.. 
i really love the end scene of GG..  can't believe finally Chuck bass say the three important words to Blair.. which we know is I LOVE YOU"words.. :)

well..well... look like Chuck Bass.. the Bad boy turn up into the sweetest guy ever in upper east side.. and look like B is the happiest girl who have a fairytale ending of her love life...


Gossip Girl...  lol

Here's the link of the last episode scene.. 

May 16, 2009

tummy tum tum

my tummy is not well.. arghhh... 
i feel like throwing up everything i've eaten.. :(

happy sunday all!! 
enjoy your weekend... :D

May 9, 2009

so much in love...

Addictive to this fashion games... it was fun to mix and match the clothing, hairstyles and so on.. hahaha..
i was too free to play this games.. :D

visit the link to have some fun..

silly to the max

my head tell me to stop!!! but  my heart won't... 
tel me what am i supposed to do now??