April 14, 2008

tiny mini photosession

it was another midnight photosession took place at my apartment with nyo my housemate and lisa.. ahhaha. it was a fun photosession.. hihihi..  :D so enjoy the photo... :D

model:nyo, me and lisa as the photographer.. :D

color splash... just love it.. :D

this is her best pose that i shot through my camera.. hahaha.. XD  a.k.a kucing garong.. XD

Laser engrave

i was googling and surfing on flickr and i found out this thing called " laser engraved and moleskine".so the laser and moleskine itself are kind of art that applied to electronic stuffs such as laptop and ipod. The old way is using the sticker which is not long lasting..
here is how the laser and moleskine work.

here are some of the examples of laser engrave and moleskine applied to laptop,ipod and even notebook..

April 10, 2008

photo session

i've just waited for my free time to post bout the last photo session i had with my housemate, nyo..hahahahaha...
i forgot exactly what day it was.. but i sure it was about 12 something, it was midnight for sure..ahhaha...she knocked at my door and ask me to do a tiny photo session using tripod.ahhahaha... at first i was lazy and have no mood to do any photo session..but at the end i was the one who were really excited..ahahahha... XD

here are some photos taken from that night.. which are mostly my photo..rather that my firend nyo...ahhahaha...enjoy.. :D


it's been a while i was off from posting in this blog.. hahaha..
kind of busy these last few weeks.. and i was being on the land of depression and distressed by all my college assignments thing.. owhh.. how i wish i can spent a whole mid break by relaxing my nerve and brain from all those assignments.. huhh..but unfortunately i can't be that relax coz i have to do 100 sketches for avant garde, finish my pants block and sew it, sewing my dummy dumb bag,doing the garment construction, having a little research for visual merchandising, and last but not least... the triumph competition project.. arghhh.. this is the most stressful part of this whole two weeks.. i was so confuse where to find taylor to sew my bra, corset and undies..uhhh.. if i can giving this up.. but i feel.. it was one of the big chances for me in fashion world to be more known and it was pretty much a great experience for me.. :D

ohh btw.. here is my design that chosen to compete at the triumph competition..

well... i hope i can finish the production at the right time.. huhh.. if i was not mistaken, 30th april will be the day of submitting the bra and all the accessories.. then on 3rd may will be the presentation day.oh my... i was wondering how the presentation will goes.. it will obviously be a very nervous and scary time while we have to do the presentation in front of malaysian designers.. wish me luck.. :D i'll just keep my mind in positive thinking.. ^^