July 7, 2008

work work work

farah, varinnia,margie, stephie, me at La salle Prologue

me with vira,sasa, tia (graphic team)

here i am.. posting another story of my hectic and messy and colorful life. :) 
it's been like forever that i'm not posting anything..since i am busy with my internship.. the internet connection here is so so so so so extremely lame... 

well.. i'm not going to post any picture or anything else but my life.. hehehe.. :)
i was having my job as stylist assistant in one of famous magazine "Herworld" in jakarta,which it's number 1 female and famous magazine in singapore.. i can say i'm lucky to have work there.. i am only working for about a month since i have to get back soon to malaysia and finish my final semester.. yeyyy.. i can't wait for this final semester which means i'm going to graduate soon.. so happy.. :) lol..

oh yeah..i have been working there for almost 2 weeks.. At first i am pretty quiet and shy to talk to other and feeling very bored everytime in the office.. doing nothing, staring at computer and browsing.. phewwww... but lately i've got pretty much things to do.. my fashion editor Rhino, he is a nice guy, helping me much on my work, Stephie-fashion stylist.. she also help me learn a lot of things i never learn before.. and all the colleagues there are all nice and friendly.. :) it's such a pleasure to learn and experience there. and i hope i can do much better than now.. and at the end of my internship, i hope to learn and know lots people.. :) wish me luck.. :)