February 22, 2009


current problem:

a very slow internet connection!!! 

huhh!!! lame!!! 

February 21, 2009



A childhood toy, Lego, it's now has been appearing in all sort of applications, such as watches, bags, belts, hand phone, usb sticks, walkie talkies, mp3 players, and what surprises me is a Lego digital camera... 

February 20, 2009


last nite me and my crazy yet weird housemates were about to sleep...
hahha.. but we found better idea to take picture from photobooth.. lol
it's photobooth madness nite!! :D

Fall 2009

Katy Rodriguez Fall 2009 Ready To Wear Collection

I love how she manage her design mostly into the voluminous ruffled miniskirts (which i always love.. ruffles) and strapless taffeta dresses. The sweetness of the dress turned really edgy and very playful... 

February 19, 2009


sometimes when i see 11:11.. i do make a wish.. hahaha..
they say 11:11 is connected with spirits..and when you make a wish at that time.. your wish will come true.. 

so believe it or not.. it depends on you.. :)

the wisdom

“The Wisdom of Button”, 2009

Original thought taken from the motion picture “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, background: “Monk by the Sea” by Caspar David Friedrich, 1809.

February 16, 2009


i'm back in malaysia.. 

February 5, 2009


Happy birthday dear Nyooo...
 4th february 2009

 At the age of twenty-one,
Life has truly just begun.
Hope and wish, your dreams come true,
Along the way, all the best.. 

love you...
mwahhhhhh.. :)


home sweet home...

a week holiday in Bali was a special excitement for me...
not much to describe.. it's all about fun, happiness and excitement.. :)
so enjoy some of pictures that i took when i was in Bali.. :)

oh anyway. 10 more days.. i'm flying back to KL... yippieee..