December 23, 2008

merry christmas and a happy new year

i'm wishing a merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone...

and a very happy holiday.. :)

ohhh... it feels so good to be home.. :D

December 14, 2008


i have been addicted to this game for the whole 2 months..i guess.. yeahh.. pet society from facebook.. ahhaha...

class of 2008

i forgot to post my graduation photos on the last post.. 
here are some of the best shots which taken from my pocket camera and other friends camera.. :)

it was a blast.. and wonderful day...
all the sweat that came out, all the exhausting ,and tiring stuffs ,hugs,laughters, claps,shouts, and even tears.. are all worth for a word called "GRADUATE"

i love u all.. and will be missing fashion class of 2008..

hope the best of luck for all of us in the future.. 

last day

my last day here is totally sucks!!
huhh... a lot of things suddenly came up and i just couldn't handle everything at once..

first.that my mom keep complaining on how i keep playing game on laptop.. 
and not starting to pack on my things.. since tomorrow morning i have a flight to medan.. hahaha..
and now i'm still blogging and not packing things.. :D :D 
and other things which i am not going to post it here.. hahhahah.. 

second.. is because the house rental things.. esp. for those who is very irresponsible for the whole things.. u guys (housemates) must know who the person is..ahahha.. i hate *** arghhh... 
looks so innocent but damn!!! that's not the real one... fakers!! lol
this is such a big bomb on my head.. i'm so tired of this ppl.. who talk much but in fact they are not doing what they supposed to do.. 
but fortunately.. i have a great friends... who finally help me a lot.. 
thanks guys.. if you guys are not helping me.. i don't know what should i do to clear all this problem..  :)

well... and i do have a great mom.. love u though u r so *cerewet* hahahaha...

good nite world....
hope tomorrow i have a good and save flight.. :)

December 12, 2008


it's my graduation day... 
i've been waiting for 3 years long..
and finally.. tomorrow is the day..
i'm very excited yet very upset to leave all my friends here.. :(
then.. i still have no idea where am i going after this..
either continue my study or start to find a job.. :(
but i still not ready for the work yet..  
oh no... i need a direction through my future... 

but anyway. i'm still very exteremely excited for tomorrow..
have to get rest soon and prepare all for tomorrow early morning...

December 8, 2008

monday afternoon

it's raining outside.. let have some hot tea and crackers...
laying down and enjoying the weather together...

December 4, 2008

perfect timing..

\(*.*)/ wohooooo.... finally... yesterday the fashion show was held in the Hall of Fame of my campus.. well.. nothing left i could say about all this show..
too much things happened while preparing the show.. good and bad.. all mixed up... but at last... the show starts... and everyone was glad for the show... 

oh yeah.. about the show... well... actually i'm upset for some reasons... 
first of first, i was upset because i will be leaving this school.. all my classmates ,lectures, my lovely housemates, this house where i lived for the whole 3 years, and this country as well..  too bad i can stay any longer here...  but oh... on february i'm coming back.. hahhahaha.. so that's gonna be the last time i'll be visiting malay.. i guess.. :( i know i'm gonna miss all the time i spent here. :(
the other reason why i'm upset was because there are no good corporation between one and another in my class.. it was bad when one settled up all the things.. and suddenly comes a lot of complain and so on... they were just not thinking about how the effort she gave.. i was very sad at that time.. can't they just respect her for what she has done... they didn't realize when they keep complaining.. but they did nothing to help her... 

oh another one, when i and some my friends were helping on doing the model sequence.. which was very hard and confusing.. and we do it till late night... some of my classmates still complain... a lot for sure... they just not accept about the sequence we made.. damn!! 

and other things.. when we do some of the wrapping for the rose... they who did nothing in class at that time.. not even saying a word to help or anything... what actually are they thinking??? hah??? i'm so pissed off by them at that time.. but well.. i just try to let it go.. and be thankful for the show that can be held and success along the way... thanks God.. :)

So...what else... hmm... it's my final year... and yeah... after this fashion show.. i am now waiting for my graduation day... oh... gosh.. i still can't believe this is gonna be happen soon...i thought i was dreaming.. and it's not real.. hahahaha...  

and today i'm going to genting with my mom,dad,brother and my god mother... :) 
oh and it's my dad's birthday... :)  
so happy birthday dad... we love you to the max.. :)

-i hope to post the pictures of the show.. but i have no pictures at all since i was busy at the backstage and so on which make me not taking my camera.. :( . so if i get any photos from my friends or the scholl photographers.. i'll post it as soon as possible.. :)

November 27, 2008

boredom attack!

a whole day of doing nothing.. sleeping all day.. staring at my laptop screen for the whole 24 hours.,stomach serves with a lot of food... and editting old stock photos..ohhh.. what a life... i think i need to find more useful things rather than wasting my time  by only staying at home..ahhaha..
i want to go shopping... i need more money... i need to diet!! lol... this part is gonna be the hardest part from all list of my holiday missions..  XD 

November 25, 2008


I'm bored.. and i miss home... :(

November 15, 2008


Photographer: Chadwick Tyler
Model: Siri Tollerød

i love the model and the tone of the photos.. so beautiful.. :)

November 9, 2008

love love

currently fall in love with french songs.. :) here are some songs that i like.. you have to see the music video.. very eye catchy and entertaining.. well for is... :)
oh..i wish i can understand their language.. ahhaha. XD


Loane - Jamais Seule


christophe mae- belle demoiselle

ROSE "la liste"
ROSE "Ciao Bella"

November 8, 2008

counting days

+ 12 days to go.. i still can't believe it!!!
+ 20th of nov is the presentation day!! and i'm not ready at all..:(
+ still confuse how to start my avant garde and cocktail wear..
+ i miss HOME!! 
+i'm craving for sate padang since last month
+ i hate LIARS!!! 
+ i really need to pack all my stuffs and starts thinking how to bring it all home..
+ i hope i can celebrate this christmas and new year with my family and friends
+ i do wish our graduation and fashion show will be organized and  well prepared ,though it's only held in HALL OF *SHAME* fame. but better than in plaza in campus :)
+ i really have to start planning for my future after graduate.. huhh.. 
+ hope my friend ,eche, will get well as soon as possible.. :) pox pox pox.. hehehe..






November 6, 2008


ketika waktu berjalan tanpa melihat ke belakang lagi...
smuanya terus melaju dengan cepat..
angin berhembus tiada henti..
pagi berganti malam.. 
akhirnya tiba juga waktu untuk mengerjakan tugas oh tugas... LOH KOK???
ahhahaha.. XD

yang harus dipertanyakan dari smua itu adalah...
apakah itu sebuah keharusan...
seberapa penting kah tugas ituu?????
saya butuh robot untuk mengerjakan smua tugas2 saya.. 

2 minggu sungguh waktu yang tidaklah lama... 
tinggal menghitung hari.. oh tidak...

November 5, 2008


saya sedang dilanda kemalasan yang sangat berlebihan.. 
tangan dan mata juga ga bisa lepas dari depan laptop... trus browsing2..
sampe saya akhirnya menemukan sesuatu yang sebenarnya tidak penting lagi untuk diingat.. namun tiba2 saja terlintas di pikiran..dan hal itu membuat saya sedih.. 

ehmm.. sebenarnya sangat bodoh kalau saya masih sedih.. dan juga bodoh kalau saya masih memikirkan orang itu.. padahan udah hampir setengah tahun berlalu.. namun perasaan itu seperti muncul lagi dan timbul lagi percikan2 api2 cemburu saat tahu bahwa dia telah menemukan yang baru..hahaha..dan saya mengenal org baru itu.. XD yang seharusnya tidak pantas untuk muncul..
ahhh... hanya saya yg bodoh!! saya terlalu polos mungkin.ahh..tidakk.. kata polos kurang cocok! BODOH atau TOLOL!!! itulah kata yang paling tepat.. perasaan terlalu sayang juga menjadi penyebab bagi saya sehingga sulit untuk melepaskan smuanya seiring waktu berjalan..atau itu hanya ketidakrelaan di hati untuk melepaskan dia menjadi milik org lain? hmm..mungkin.. XD

kalau kata orang2 di luar sana.. " kalau kamu bahagia, aku juga bahagia" itu smuanya hanya mudah untuk diucapkan tapi sangat amat sulit untuk dilakukan.. tidak mudah.. satu kalimat yang begitu simpel..namun mengandung banyak arti dan beban untuk dilakukan... 
seandainya saja ada cara yang lebih mudah untuk melupakan semuanya.. dengan satu kedipan mata..lalu smua memori indah maupun sedih bisa terhapus sendirinya dari otak.. 

ahhh.. tapi itu smua tidak mungkin terjadi.. memori2 yang ada seperti telah menorehkan bekas di dalam pikiran dan bagian lebih dalam lagi..hati... 

tapi biarlah.. mungkin saya hanya butuh waktu yang lebihhhhh lama lagi.. tidak sekedar setengah tahun.. mungkin 1 tahun.. 2 atau 3 tahun kemudian.. dan mungkin yang benar adalah..kita baru bisa melupakan cerita lalu dengan menemukan kehidupan baru....cinta lama akan pudar sendirinya setelah kita menemukan cinta baru.. hahahahahahha.. yah..mudah2an saja yah.. XD

cheers for myself..
cheers for everyone...
semangat buat smua temen2 yang sedang dilanda penyakit "deadline" hahahaaha...
pasti semuanya kurang tidur.. :)
good luck.. :)

November 2, 2008

happy fingers!

Editorial: Commons & Sense Man
Model: Cole Mohr
Photographer: Damien Blottiere

October 29, 2008

merry happy wedding

May the joy and happiness will always be part of them..
holding hands and walk together until the very end of their lives...
loves you both.. :)

October 23, 2008


midnite crazeeee photo session with housemates.. :) 

October 18, 2008


heyy... face today with a smile.. and everything will be just fine...